1. shweta

    Benefits of promoting your brands through videos

    When done well, video can tell a compelling business story, elicit an emotional response from viewers, and ultimately sway their purchasing choices. The message is conveyed effectively through movement, music, colour, and narrative. Conversely, text must rely on images, punctuation, and metaphor...
  2. L

    Who is Scrum Master?

    Who is Scrum Master? A Scrum master is someone who helps their team understand the scrum framework and its principles, values, and practices. They are a servant leader who helps their team in many ways by offering guidance and advice. Scrum masters are responsible for teaching their team the...
  3. WLEnglishschool

    OET All Stars Alert - West London English School

    WLES is gaining international momentum for its work with teaching English to medical professionals. Two teachers from West London English School, a Premium Preparation provider for the Occupational English Test (OET), have been speaking at the 2021 OET All Stars You Are Prepared conference which...