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    Term Insurance Policy - Death Benefits - Type of Death | Fincover

    Learn what types of deaths are covered under a term insurance policy. Stay updated with the policy details and minimize the chance of death claim rejection.Insure the right way
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    Investments - Why Investments are important | Fincover.

    Learn how making investments would help you to create a financial corpus for the future that guarantees safety and peacefulness. Investment plays a crucial role in financial planning. We all work hard to earn money online. It’s equally important to make that money work hard to secure your...
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    Tips to Make Business Loan Approval Easier | Fincover

    Looking for a business loan to expand your business? Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while applying to ensure easy and seamless loan approval. Fin cover is the one-stop marketplace for all kinds of loan. We have tie-ups with India’s leading banks and NBFCs who are willing to...
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    Mutual Funds - Checklist for Investing in Mutual Funds | Fincover

    Read to know the checklist for investing in mutual funds. Plan your investment based on your financial goals and risk appetite. Remember, investing in mutual funds is not just about putting all eggs in one basket. Do not invest your entire money in one fund. Diversify and expand your portfolio...
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    5 reasons why your personal loan application could get rejected » Fincover

    The reasons for a personal loan rejection falls under any of these five reasons aside from the specific rejection criteria set by some banks. Make sure you avoid these mistakesInsure the right way
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    Apply for Personal Loan Online - Documents required for Personal Loan | Fincover

    Personal Loans are given by the banks and NBFCs to salaried and non-salaried individuals. Following are the list of online documents required for the successful processing of a personal loan.Insure the right way
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    Do's and Don'ts of a Personal Loan.

    Do use a personal loan to meet your emergencies? Here are a few Do's and Don'ts you should consider before going for a personal loan. Read on to know more.Insure the right way
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    Factors to Consider before Applying for Home Loan | Fincover

    To avail the best home loan offer one needs to consider factors like credit score, existing loans, comparing the lenders and lots more. Read this article to know more.Insure the right way
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    Six Reasons Why Business Loans are Beneficial | Fincover.

    For people who run their own business, there are many reasons to avail a loan. Here we have rounded up the six best reasons to apply for a business loan. Business Loans comes with a host of benefits. It’s up to the borrowers to carefully evaluate their requirements and financial position before...
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    Personal Loan vs Credit Card - Which is more beneficial? | Fincover

    Thinking about making a big purchase? Learn which is the better financial instrument among Personal Loans and Credit Cards to make your purchase.If you are about to make a big purchase, chances are that will likely go for two prominent financial instruments – Personal Loans and Credit cards...
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    Loans online - How to calculate the interest charges | Fincover.

    Want to know how to calculate the interest charges on your loan amount taken? Read this article which covers the complete process of interest charges.Insure the right way
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    Debunking the common Myths about Mutual Funds | Fincover

    Relying on myths and hearsay facts can have a debilitating effect and can lead you to make erroneous conclusions. Similarly, believing myths about investment vehicles such as Mutual funds can cause unnecessary anxiety. Here, we debunk some common myths about Mutual Funds to have a seamless...
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    #1 Insurance Blogs & Articles | Fincover

    Insurance Blogs & Articles - you can get the insurance related Recent information, tips. " Create a calendar that details the planned publication date and topic for your Insurance Blog and Stick to It. Use a Variety of Insurance Article Styles. Determine the Two Targeted Keywords for Each...
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    Savings account - Apply and Open savings account online

    "A Savings account is a primary type of bank account that allows an individual to save, deposit and withdraw money. Open savings account online at a better interest rate".Insure the right way
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    Fixed deposit - Features of Fixed deposit | Fincover

    "Fixed deposit is an investment plan that returns interest at a higher rate of interest compared to the regular savings account. The returns are safe and secure".Insure the right way
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    Monthly Income Plans - Best Monthly Income plans in India

    "Monthly Income plan is a scheme by which the investor receives regular returns every month. The plan is completely suited for a conservative investor". Insure the right way
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    Senior Citizens Savings scheme - Eligibility & Features

    "Apt for people over the age of 60 years of age. The deposit investment matured after a period of 5 years. Account for the scheme can be open in public and private sector banks and post offices".Insure the right way
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    PPF - Public Provident Fund | Fincover

    "PPF ( Public Provident Fund ) is a government-backed savings schemes. It is a tax-free plan with investments starting from Rs 500. It is a long term investment plan with a 15-year lock-in period".Insure the right way.
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    Investment plans - Apply for best investment plans online

    "The investment plan is a financial product with numerous options that can returns profits for your investment made. The returns are much helpful in fulfilling the financial goals".Insure the right way
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    Hybrid Mutual Funds in India - Types & Benefits | Fincover

    "Diversify your funds in both equity and debt to yield better returns with Hybrid Mutual Funds. Know the types, benefits and how to invest in Hybrid Funds online".Insure the right way