Acrylic Roof Coatings - Rubberized Coatings


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Jul 15, 2022
Acrylic roof coatings are one of the most popular choices of roof coatings for sloped metal roofs. Acrylic Roof coatings are the most cost-effective solution for restoring and protecting commercial roofs. They can protect your home from natural elements like sun, snow, rain, etc., and also add a touch of luxury. Acrylic roof coatings are a great choice for many types of roofing substrates, including modified bitumen, metal, built up roofs, single ply roofs and spray polyurethane foam.

The roof coating looks like paint. It also has similar viscosity, making it easy to apply, whether with a brush or as a spray. Though similar in viscosity and looks, an acrylic elastomeric roof coating is not a paint. Unlike paint, the acrylic elastomeric roof coating does not allow ponding water, offers UV resistance, has reflectivity properties, has the ability to expand and contract, adheres to the roof easily, and is highly durable.


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