Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Contact Dermatitis


Dr. Vikas Sharma MD

Contact Dermatitis refers to a skin rash that occurs from coming in contact with certain substances or an allergic reaction to it. There are various such substances that can lead to it and some of its examples include detergents, soaps, cosmetics, hair dyes and plants. The affected skin becomes red, inflamed, irritated and itchy in these cases. Homeopathic remedies for contact dermatitis aim at healing the condition rather than suppressing it and bring effective and gentle recovery without any risk of side effects.

Causes Homeopathic remedies for contact dermatitis

It arises due to exposure to a particular substance that tends to make the skin irritated or causes an allergic reaction to it. There are numerous such substances that can lead to it.

Contact dermatitis is divided into three types that includes irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and photocontact dermatitis. These types are described below:

  1. Irritant Contact Dermatitis

This is the most common among all the types. It arises from contact of the skin with an irritant that damages the outer protective layer of the skin. It may develop either from exposure to strong irritants just once, or exposures to less irritating substances multiple times. Some examples of the common irritants include detergents, bleach, some soaps, alcohol, shampoos, plants, pesticides, kerosene and wool dust.

  1. Allergic Contact Dermatitis

It arises from an immune reaction in the skin from exposure to a substance to which sensitivity is present (allergen). In this case exposure to allergen leads to release of inflammatory chemicals that cause a skin reaction. It may occur from direct skin contact with an allergen or also through eating some of the foods and taking certain medicines. Some of the common allergens include cosmetics, hair dyes, jewellery of nickel or gold, latex gloves, medications (eg, antibiotic creams and oral antihistamines), body washes, perfumes and poison oak /poison ivy. Children may get a reaction from use of diapers, baby wipes etc

3. Photocontact Dermatitis

It is least common among all of its types. It occurs from use of products like sunscreens that can cause a reaction from sun exposure.


In this condition the rash occurs on the skin area that comes in direct contact with substance that causes a reaction. For example rash on hand from use of certain detergent. The rash tends to appear within a few minutes to hours after exposure.

There appears a red skin rash along with itching in these cases. The rash may be swollen. It may be sore and tender to touch. There may be a burning sensation in it. In some cases, blisters or bumps may appear on the affected skin area. These may ooze fluid and may be crusted. In some of the cases there occurs dryness and cracks over the skin. Scaliness may also be there. In other cases, the skin may become darkened or leathery. If a person scratches the involved skin area frequently then there are chances of getting infection. Scratching results in oozing of discharge from skin affected. This provides an ideal environment for flourishing of the bacteria or fungi and causing an infection. The skin rash in this condition is not contagious and it doesn’t spread from one person to another through direct skin contact.

Homeopathic Remedies For Contact Dermatitis​

Firstly, the use of any product which is causing the problem must be stopped. Along with this, one can start homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy offers a very natural treatment for cases of contact dermatitis. Homeopathic medicines work by moderating the overactive response of the immune system in allergic type. These medicines help to halt the further progression of skin rash and eruptions in any of its types. The already present rash and eruptions also gradually improve. The skin dryness and roughness gets better. Any cracks if present heals with its use. The attended redness, inflammation and skin swelling reduces with them. These also help to soothe the itching and burning present in the affected skin area. Homeopathic medicines help to reduce any discharges if present from the skin eruptions. The homeopathic medicine for these cases is selected individually for each and every case. The selection of medicine is done as per the signs and symptoms experienced by the sufferer. These medicines aim at healing the condition rather than suppressing it and bring effective and gentle recovery. The best thing is the medicines used for its treatment are of natural origin so hence are very safe to use without any risk of side effects.

  1. Graphites – Top Grade Medicine​

Graphites tops the list of homeopathic medicines for treating these cases. First indication to use this medicine is eruptions on the skin that ooze out fluid. The fluid that comes out is specifically a glutinous and sticky type. These eruptions may be crusted also. There is itching and burning in the eruptions. Its next indication is dryness and roughness of the skin affected with dermatitis. It may also have cracks in it.

  1. Petroleum – With Marked Dryness And Cracks​

It is a very effective medicine when there is excessive dryness and cracks on the affected skin area. This skin is also hard, rough and thickened. Bleeding may occur from the cracks. In some cases needing it there may be a thick crust present on the skin involved. The crust may be green in colour. Redness is present along with the crusts. It may be accompanied with itching and burning. Lastly the skin is sensitive to touch. Vesicular eruption may also be there with thick scabs.

  1. Sulphur – With Marked Itching And Burning​

It is a leading medicine for managing cases where itching and burning are marked. In most cases requiring it the itching is worse at night time. Itching may also worsen from warmth and washing. The burning on skin is felt after scratching sometimes with pain and bleeding. The affected skin may be dry, rough and scaly. The skin is also sore.

  1. Natrum Mur – With Marked Redness, Rawness And Inflammation​

It is the next well indicated medicine for dermatitis. It is highly beneficial for cases where redness, rawness and inflammation on the skin are intense. In the skin rash itching, pricking and stinging sensation may be felt. In cases needing it there may be blisters on the skin that contain watery fluid.

  1. Psorinum – With Eruptions Of Small Blisters​

This medicine is useful for eruptions of small blisters on the skin. It is attended with intolerable itching which disturbs the sleep. The itching worsens from warmth. Person scratches the skin until it bleeds. The itching is attended with a stinging sensation. In some cases slightly elevated spots occur on a swollen skin base where this medicine is indicated.

  1. Arsenic Album – With Scaly Eruptions​

It offers great help in cases where scaly eruptions are present. Skin may be dry and rough. Itching and burning is felt in these. Burning and soreness is felt from scratching. Bleeding may occur after scratching. Sometimes fetid pus like discharge may appear from the eruptions. The skin is over sensitive to touch. The skin complaint may get worse from cold and get better by warm application.

  1. Fagopyrum – When Itching Is Better By Cold Water Application​

It is a natural medicine prepared from the whole mature plant Fagopyrum Esculentum also known as Polygonum fagopyrum an Buckwheat. This plant belongs to family polygonaceae. It is valuable for cases of dermatitis where itching is better by cold water application. In cases needing it the skin is red, sore, swollen and hot. The itching is intense. It gets worse from touch and scratching. On the skin blisters (eruptions containing fluid) or pustular (containing pus) eruptions may be present.

  1. Mezereum – When There Are Eruptions With Oozing Of Gooey Discharge​

This medicine is prepared from plant Daphne mezereum also known as Mezereon and Spurge Olive. The part of the plant used to prepare this homeopathic medicine is fresh bark gathered just before the plant flowers in February and March. It belongs to the family thymelaeaceae. It is well indicated for cases having eruption with oozing of gooey discharge. The eruptions are covered with thick crusts and scabs where it is required. Pus may be present under the crusts. The crusty eruptions may bleed when touched. There is intolerable itching in the eruptions.

10. Alumina – For Dry, Rough And Cracked Skin​

This medicine is used when there is dry, rough and cracked skin. Eruptions may also be there. They may be dry, humid, scabby and sore. There is intolerable itching in the affected skin area. It especially gets worse from warmth of bed. It may also get worse in the evening time. The person who needs it may scratch the skin intensely till it bleeds due to extreme itching. After scratching the skin area becomes painful.

  1. Rhus Tox – For Dermatitis With Thick Oozing Crusts​

Its use is recommended for cases in which there are eruptions with thick crusts which ooze offensive matter. The skin surface is raw and excoriated. There is burning and itching in the affected skin area. There is excessive scratching and the more the skin is scratched the desire to scratch increases. Tingling pains may also be felt in skin...
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