Hear NASA’s Kathy Lueders talk about the next stage of mankind’s push into space


Devin Coldewey

We’re in the earliest stages of Artemis, NASA’s new push to establish an enduring human presence on the Moon, and Kathy Lueders will be leading a great deal of this ambitious undertaking. But it’s more than rockets and lunar landers, as she’ll explain at TechCrunch Sessions: Space next week on December 14 & 15.

Lueders, a NASA veteran of long standing, recently became head of the newly minted Space Operations Mission Directorate, which will oversee launches and near-Earth operations for Artemis and other projects. She’ll also be working closely with the International Space Station as its approaches its final years of service as a NASA facility.

Lueders was previously the head of human spaceflight, where she presided over the enormous increase in commercial crew flights, led by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets and eventually its Dragon capsule. Her new role keeps her close to these crucial day-to-day operations, letting her focus on those while allowing R&D to be more the purview of Jim Free at the Explorations Systems Development Mission Directorate. No doubt they’ll work closely together, but it will be interesting to hear her perspective on why the new organization makes sense.

We will also discuss robotic exploration, space infrastructure, ISS decommissioning, and of course one of Lueders’s favorite topics, inspiring the next generation of space workers and researchers, from astronauts to engineers to data analysts.

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