How does mutual fund software in India differ from other countries?


Aug 4, 2022
Mutual fund software in India is customized to meet regulatory compliance and tax requirements specific to the Indian market. Additionally, they offer features to invest in funds with lower fees and diversified investment options. For more information, visit

The outcomes achieved through the online mutual fund software for distributors are correct as the platform decreases the possibilities of mistakes while the manual processes have high chances of making mistakes.

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Online Transactions​

Get integrated with secured online transaction portal such as NSE NMFII or BSE StarMF to place transactions instantly from anywhere.

Bulk Client Onboarding​

Welcome numerous numbers of investors at a same time with no extra formalities and heavy documentations.

Bulk Transactions​

No limits on performing transactions to experience the high rate of market returns through buy, sale, and switch.

Sort AMC’s​

Categorize and choose among the top AMC’s to encourage clients for making investment in the recommended schemes.