80% of B2B marketers believe that AI will revolutionize marketing in the coming years. Using intelligent machine learning and big data, AI can help B2B marketers make more informed decisions and invest in the right places.

From Google’s voice search feature on the phone to Siri on the Mac and Alexa at home, AI is everywhere, and it’s undoubtedly not going to slow down. If you’re not leveraging a data platform to identify the best-fit people to market to and to see if they are demonstrating the intent to buy, then you’re falling behind!

AI is an intersection of marketing and technology, providing B2B marketers with more insights into what people are doing and searching. Like how businesses need social media to target their customers, AI interactions will soon be indispensable for companies. Most customers expect near-instantaneous responses to their query, and they want the option to connect 24×7- in this case, AI can help B2B marketers do that.

Why Adopting AI is Important for B2B Businesses

  • AI enables identification of who you want to market
  • It helps you expand and find out target accounts who fit your ICP
  • It engages through personalization of messages using advertising, events webinars
  • It measures the impact of all these tactics from day one
Let’s look at how AI is changing the B2B marketing world and leading to customer engagement and revenue improvements like never before.

AI-Powered Communications​

AI-driven communications such as AI assistants and chatbots have changed the marketing world. Chatbots are easy to integrate, affordable, and are getting increasingly intelligent. Communications with such bots have turned much more conversational and honest than they were a few years back. This is why B2B businesses have adopted chatbots as their primary communication channel- they save a lot of time, and the real workforce can be applied to more crucial tasks.

Intelligent virtual assistants are another great AI innovation that can be effectively leveraged for marketing. Virtual assistants can help marketers qualify leads and prevent any leaks in their sales funnel. These digital assistants can have full-blown natural language email conversations that look like it’s coming from a real person.

Lead Generation with AI​

Lead generation has been most affected by the advent of AI. Various lead generation channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even email marketing have been modified using AI B2B marketing. Thousands of automated, hyper-targeted messages can be sent through these channels using AI- businesses can generate 10X more leads than manual lead generation techniques. Additionally, valuable insights such as behavioral data and demographics generated through AI can be super-useful for laser-targeting marketer’s ideal audience to generate high-quality leads.

Excellent Customer Insights​

AI coupled with big data and ML helps marketers gain valuable consumer insights on customers’ pain points, interests, and limitations. Critical insights on customers’ ideal behavior can be collected at the top of the sales or the bottom-most part of their sales funnel- something that B2B marketers can really make us of. Historical B2B marketing data can segment customers based on which buying stage they are in. Using these insights, marketers can pivot their branding, advertising, and ad placements in a way that yields the highest results. These customer insights can help marketers improve their sales and conversion rates incredibly.

For instance, AI can help marketers recognize impulsive buyers. This information can be utilized to target impulsive B2B customers in specific ways, like leveraging urgency and offering time-sensitive deals.


With the volume of data available today, personalization makes consumers feel valued and unique. Personalization is the key to improving any business’s conversion rates. AI can be utilized to collect and examine large customer bases, segment them, and laser-target those customers in the most personalized manner possible. AI solutions can analyze large chunks of data that would never have been possible through human research. These insights are used for sending hyper-personalized and humanized messages to targeted prospects.

These days personalization involves using data such as customer personalities, user demographics, hobbies, personal life, netiquettes for effective communication. Now, millions of hyper-personalized emails can be sent on one go, which wouldn’t have been possible without AI.

Better Targeting and Segmentation in AI B2B Marketing​

Effective customer segmentation has showcased changes in the marketing world as nothing else has. 81% of marketers are planning or are utilizing AI for customer segmentation. Whether it’s emails, content marketing, or social media— customer segmentation is essential for ad-targeting and predicting consumer behavior based on these segments. Segmentation can lead to higher ROI for the marketing efforts that B2B businesses put in. AI solutions, used as a part of leading social media platforms, have the ability to capture even small signals leading to massive conversion rates.

Wrapping Up​

To conclude, AI has become a boon to the modern B2B marketing world. Intelligent investments in AI solutions have led to astonishing improvements in customer acquisition, conversions, and customer retention rates. Additionally, AI in B2B marketing has also led to a better customer experience overall.