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Feb 8, 2022
Contact Neustro Ppl for Pipeline Cleaning Pigs,Polyurethane Rollers,Pig Equipment,Foam cushions Manufacturers Chennai for 100% Quality products.

As a pipeline pig manufacturer, Neustro Poly Product provides a variety of pipeline cleaning pigs. Each series of a pig is composed of different materials and parts and is used to clean a line based on the job requirements and applications that seem to be affecting the pipe.

NEUSTRO POLY PRODUCTS PVT LTD is an engineering firm specializing in providing services for the engineering industry. The firm is managed by A.THIRUMURTHI Managing director. He is well experienced in Polyurethane Industries with 25 years and combined engineering experience,technical and administrative staff support.NEUSTRO POLY PRODUCTS PVT LTD offers a wide range of polyurethane products including engineering,Design and development services.​