Rotten Tomatoes partners with TikTok to allow users to link to ratings, reviews and more


Aisha Malik

Rotten Tomatoes announced today that it’s partnering with TikTok to launch a TikTok Jump that will allow users to link to movies and TV trailers, ratings, reviews, information on where to watch, clips, cast information and more. TikTok Jump is the short-form video app’s third-party integration tool that aims to deepen its relationships with third-party partners.

When posting a video, TikTok users can now select Rotten Tomatoes from the list of available Jumps. From there, you can search for the movie or TV show that you’d like to link. Then, users will be presented with an “add to video” button.

“Film and TV clips and soundbites have been high on TikTok’s For You feeds, with commenters often requesting more information on the content they’re discovering,” Rotten Tomatoes said in a press release. “With the new Rotten Tomatoes TikTok Jump, creators can easily inform and entertain audiences by accessing a treasure trove of movie, TV and streaming related content, video, information on where to watch, reviews and more on Rotten Tomatoes.”

The company’s partnership with TikTok allows it to reach more millennial and Gen Z users. Since launching TikTok Jump in June, the social media giant has partnered with many companies, such as Quizlet, Wikipedia, BuzzFeed and Jumprope, to allow them to create their own integrations within its app. Jumps can only be built by third-party providers after being approved through an application process.

For a platform that doesn’t let all users include a link in their bio yet, TikTok Jump expands the existing tools creators have to engage their audience.