The Best Yoga Wheels for Increasing Flexibility and Back Pain Relief




Feeling yoga stretches a bit too overwhelming? Or wishing you could stay still in a yoga posture a little longer? Introduce yourself to the yoga wheels, the best props designed for your deeper stretches, core work, and seemingly impossible balancing yoga postures.

Yoga wheels are hollow cylinders made from wood or plastic. They aid your yoga practice, enhancing its effects and customizing it. So, if you feel discouraged for not being able to attain the seated forward bend, the yoga wheel is there to support you.

What should you consider while buying a Yoga Wheel?​

Buying a yoga wheel can be a tricky business. Yoga wheels are available in different sizes, materials, durability, and weight loads. If you want to add one prop to your yoga gear or personal props collection, you must do it right.

Here are a few points you can consider while buying the best yoga wheel.

1. Size​

The yoga wheels are available in 3 different sizes- mini, standard, and plus size. The mini ones are suitable for practitioners who have a height of 5 feet or lower. They offer a more focused massage to your back.

The standard size of yoga wheels with a 12-inch diameter is useful for almost everybody build. Advanced practitioners can go for plus-sized yoga wheels for deep stretches. Practitioners looking for achieving stability with a yoga wheel can choose one with a 5–6-inch diameter.

2. Material​

Most commonly, the yoga wheels are made of plastic. Some of them are crafted from wood. But the frames of the wheels are made using PVC or ABS plastic. Both materials are strong and durable. However, ABS plastic is more shock-resistant. You can go for yoga wheels made of ABS plastic as they are durable and less expensive.

Wooden frames can take comparatively less weight load than plastic. However, they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Wooden yoga wheels are also expensive and rare to find.

3. Padding​

Yoga wheels differ in the thickness of padding. If you are sensitive to hard surfaces, it is better to go for a wheel that offers thick and comfortable cushioning as well as less painful sensations.

You can consider choosing foam padding yoga wheels that are non-slip and water-resistant. Some manufacturers also add a leaf vein structure to ensure an extra grip when you perform balancing yoga poses.

4. Weight Load​

Most of the yoga wheels that are available in the market take up to 400-500 lbs (182-227 kg). If you want to use the wheel to sit and stand while doing yoga practices, go for a stronger one. Thus, while choosing a yoga wheel, first consider your requirements and what you are going to use it for.

The safe practice of a yoga wheel can only be ensured if you check the weight limit of the wheel before buying.

5. Shape​

Although circular is the most common shape of the yoga wheels, it can be hard for beginners who are looking for balance and a less painful experience.

If you are beginning your yogic practices, go for an elliptical radiant design. They offer two surfaces – one rounded for deeper bends and other stress-free curves for muscle release. Go for the shape that suits your practice style and level of practice.

10 Best Yoga Wheels​

When you have understood your practice style and requirements, picking the right one for you remains another important decision. Don’t worry. We have got it covered for you.

Here is a list of high-quality and durable yoga wheels that you can choose from.

10 Best Yoga Wheels
Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller
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UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel
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Philosophy Gym Yoga Wheel Roller
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Chirp Wheel
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Aozora Yoga Wheel
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Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel
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Flex Connex Yoga Wheel
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Zenocity Yoga Wheel
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Gonex Yoga Wheel
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Seven Sparta Yoga Wheel
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Best Yoga Wheels

1. Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller​

  • Material- Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Dimensions – 11.3*7.48* 11.3 Inches
  • Weight- 3.4 Pounds

Designed by a chiropractor, Acumobility back roller is the best choice if you are looking for a nice back massage and spinal extension and flexibility. It is designed with bumps to offer effective back massage. The gap between the bumps so that there is no excessive pressure is put on the spine.

You can use it for back extensions. The Acumobility yoga wheel works on all body parts including neck, lower back, hips, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and shoulders as well as chest. The high-grade EVA foam maintains toughness and durability. The Acumobility Ultimate Back Roller is a great choice for practitioners of any level.


  • Perfect for any body weight
  • More width makes it excellent for chest workouts
  • Easy to use and travel friendly
  • The bumps offer a tissue massage like feeling
  • Beneficial for desk workers or people who sit in a hunched position for long duration.


  • The bump may feel squishy for some
  • May not be suitable for people who need hard compression
  • The size may seem to large for some practitioners
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2. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel​

  • Material- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Dimensions – 12*5*12 Inches
  • Weight- 3.59 Pounds

The UpCircleSeven yoga wheel is the best back wheel for long-lasting relief. It helps release muscle tension in your upper and lower back. This wheel has a thick foam padding and conforms with your spine to provide relief. Designed with a 550+lbs weight capacity which makes it ideal for all practitioners.

You can perform deep back stretches, bending, as well as many relaxing postures. Its non-flexing ABS frame better supports your practice without causing any discomfort. The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel is a great choice for all yoga practitioners.


  • Relieves stress from the muscles
  • Comes with a thick foam padding with a non-slip texture
  • Strong material which prevents flexing or breaking of the wheel
  • Can be used for other body areas that require stretching
  • Can also be used as a prop for yoga poses


  • The width of the wheel can be narrow for some practitioners
  • With medium firmness, it may feel too hard for some users
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3. Philosophy Gym 13-inch Professional Yoga Wheel Roller​

  • Material- ABS plastic and TPE foam
  • Dimensions L*W*H- 13*5*13 Inches
  • Weight- less than 3 Pounds

If you are willing to take your yoga practice to the next level, take it with the strong and durable Philosophy Gym 13-inch yoga wheel. It is crafted from high-grade ABS plastic and PTE foam that ensures safe use. The foam is moisture-resistant so you can complete your sessions without worrying about sweat and odor.

It features thick padding for...
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